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The Straight Shit Podcast is a podcast run by current, and former high school outcasts NK Ryzov (Militant_Ape) and Чики Брики (who used to go by the YouTube name utahraptor4729874 when he was a dorky kid, and other shitty names). Contrary to popular belief The Straight Shit Podcast is not run by Neo Nazis (although they want to reinstate death camps just for Viners and by choice retards).

About The Straight Shit PodcastEdit

We already described it morons, just look above. Also we're not going to link the channel because you should be smart enough to look it up....dumbass. Also before any of you SJWs get your man titties in a twist, remember that TSSP IS FUCKING SATIRICAL IN NATURE! If you are actually offended by it you deserve to be.

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